Sept. 2016 PDF

LBC September Newsletter

Check out the LBC Calendar attachment.

One for PDF and one for JPG.

The Calendar will be your source for LBC events.

Make a copy and post it on the “frig”.


When the LBC or Tiki are rented please refrain from visiting the club & Tiki during these rentals .


Remember that only members may obtain beer and wine from the Tiki.

If you have guests, you will have to get their drinks for them.

Don’t forget to make your donation to keep the taps flowing!


Everything in the Tiki is funded by your donations.

Place your donations for beer & wine in the black box on the wall behind the kegs.

This includes the Deckhand Refrigerator which stores soft drinks & water.

The Donation Box is on the wall behind the Deckhand Refrigerator.


No Smoking in the LBC Clubhouse or Tiki area.

Smoking is allowed on the dock.



Please remember to use the Recycle Bins, with the Yellow Lids, for your recycle items.


Happy September Birthday to our LBC Members

3rd. Cindy Spradlin

4th. Tom Comis

8th. David Burnsed

8th. John Malik

9th.Harry Hackney

10th. Pamela Williams

13th. Wink Graiff

14th. Randy Alberry

14th. Pete Marzek

16th. Jimmie Weekley

17th. Kris Gehman

18th. Craig Brown

18th. Tom Grizzard

21st. Larry Williams

24th. Margaret Endahl

24th. Jennifer Boliek

25th. Gina Tiberi

25th. Patti Wolf

25th. Mackie McCabe

26th. Mike Grimes

28th. Patty Smith

29th. Keith Buse

30th. Barbara Neeld


Happy September Anniversary to our LBC Members

I do not have the year of your wedding for a lot of our members.

If you would like me to include the number of years you have been married

please reply to this email. Thank you. Karen

4th. Tim & Fran Sullivan, 34th. Anniversary

4th. Lee & Cathy Tatro, 45th. Anniversary

9th. Frank & Jeanette Schultz, 49th. Anniversary.

11th. Lonnie & Barbara Neeld, 40th. Anniversary.

14th.  Jim & Denise Burry, 25th. Anniversary.

19th. Shaun & Victoria Mymudes

19th. Mark & Angela Lackey

21st. Dan & Nancy Wertz

23rd. Lynn & Edna Walker

28th. Mike & Cindy Spradlin, 31st. Anniversary.

30th. William & Melonie Henderson

Happy September Birthday to our Deckhands

The LBC Deckhands are the children 15 years old and under of LBC members.

2nd. Alex Zabukovec will be 15.

9th. Eli Logan will be 6.

12th. Allan Yox will be 15.

26th. Kate Wonus will be 15.


Save the Date

Monday, September 5 Labor Day BBQ

Thursday, September 8  Members Appreciation Day at the Tiki

Friday, September 16 Fish Fry hosted and prepare by the Grizzard Family

Sunday, September 18 2pm Cruise-in at Puddle Jumpers then swimming at sandbar on Lake Dora

Sunday, October 2  Octoberfest at the Tiki. Members bring German food to share

Saturday, October 22nd  Lake Front Cruise-in Concert

Friday, October 28 Halloween Party hosted by Vic & Pam Donahey

Sunday, November 6 Cruise-in to JB Boondocks at 2:00

Sunday, December 4 “Toys for Tots” and “Leesburg Christmas on the Water”

Saturday, December 31 New Year’s Eve Party  (We need volunteers to help plan this event)

Saturday, February 4-11, 2017

LBC Cruise on the Norwegian Cruise Line aboard the Norwegian Epic

If you have questions about any of the boating events contact Fred O’Brien 352-250-3814 or fobrien@gate.net


Remember to check us out on facebook

and our website www.leesburgboatclub.com


Karen O’Brien

LBC Corresponding Secretary

“In God We Trust”

Sept. 2016 JPGFullSizeRender

Save the date 9/1/2016 at 6:00pm.

The LBC Board of Directors invites you to a special event.  We are going to have a special Thirsty Thursday to commemorate the 6th anniversary of the LBC mutiny.  The club will provide free hamburgers, hotdogs and side dishes.  We will have a special reading of the proclamation of mutiny (hopefully by the author Dr. Pete) and there will probably be a story or two shared. Don’t miss this fun evening. Don’t worry no one will be asked to walk the plank.

Fred O’Brien RC